Do it for Dad

Take him for a bike ride he definitely won't forget.

The Tweed Run is Junction’s much-loved annual bike ride around iconic landmarks through the historic centre of Launceston. Jump on your bike, donning tweed and your best traditional British cycling attire. This year’s ride includes City Park plus a lovely post-ride treat of cucumber sandwiches and refreshments back at Prince’s Square.

If you don't have a bike, don't fret! You can register for a bike when booking your tickets.

Take him to a cabaret show by critically-acclaimed performer, Libby O'Donovan. 

From the 1920’s to the 1940’s Kate Leigh was the Queen of Sydney’s criminal underworld. 107 convictions, 13 stretches in gaol and a peddler of cocaine; was she really  the ‘worst woman in Sydney’? In this powerful and sassy performance, cabaret and jazz singer Libby O’Donovan revisits the myths surrounding this criminal mastermind. Weaving story with powerful songwriting Libby casts a bright new light on Leigh’s fierce and fabulous life.

Treat him to an amazing all-Tassie lineup in the Fountain Bar. 

The Fountain Bar in Prince’s Square returns with Junction’s biggest lineup of exceptional Tasmanian bands from all over the Island. From indie pop to an evening of South Sudanese music, it’s an eclectic lineup, guaranteed to blow your aural senses.

Take him for a dance to Club Barbezat. 

Keep on dancing and partying late into the night at Junction’s new club venue, Club Barbezat filled each evening with DJs, disruptions and surprise guest acts. Sets over Junction by ROBOTIKUS, Je Bahl, DJ Puffy Pank and Vance Vader-Vaven till late. 

A totally immersive environment designed and built by PAUL² (Launceston visual artists Paul Eggins and Paul Murphy) this brilliant upside down world of disfigured shapes, installations and mind-bending illuminations needs to be seen to be believed.

Bring him to a Breathtaking performance.

Staged inside Launceston’s oldest Church, three extraordinary Tasmanian singers will take your breath away with the sheer beauty and power of their remarkable voices. Sakthi Ravitharan performs in the Carnatic music style - a Hindu spiritual form of music from Southern India. 18 year old Medhanit Barrett delivers a freshness and honesty to every note she sings in exquisitely simple but brilliant songs. EWAH & The Vision of Paradise play music that shifts between a lightness and darkness as the cinemagraphic narrative informs the emotion of EWAH’s sublime voice.

Don't forget to shout him a drink too! 

We're serving Tamar Ridge wines, Pirie Sparkling, James Boags + Forty Spotted Gin across the bars.