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Carin Mistry

Executive Director , Australian Script Centre/Australian Plays Delegate

Carin Mistry - Carin has an extensive background in the performing arts, film and television. In September 2017 she became the Executive Director of the Australian Script Centre/Australian Plays- a national organisation providing essential services to playwrights and the Australian theatre industry based in Hobart. Carin has a long career at the Australia Council for the  Arts where she specialised in policy development and implementation in the arts of diverse arts and young people and the arts. She was Client Manager for the Dance and Theatre Key Organisations before moving to the role of Director of Dance which she held for seven years to the end of 2015. As Director of Dance Carin was responsible for creating and implementing the organisation's strategy for developing Australian dance and for supporting key decisions regarding investment in organisations and to artists. Carin developed or worked in close partnership on a number of major initiatives including: the National Dance Forum; Dance Massive; 24 Frames per Second - a 3 year screen dance project; the Keir Choreographic Award; Big Dance Australia and the Western Australia, 3 year contemporary dance initiative. Carin is a board member of DRILL Youth Dance in Hobart. She is a 2009 fellow of the Asialink Leaders Program. Before relocating to Australia she worked in financial and production roles in film and TV, in general management in the performing arts and in producing roles with new theatre writing companies including the Bush and Royal Court Theatres in London.