This event was featured in our 2015 program.

The Junc Yard

Welcome to The Junc Yard!

The Festival’s very own dedicated children and family zone.

At The Junc Yard, you and your family can take part in walking adventures, art workshops, shadow photos, story telling, and learning new languages. There are events, activities and performances for all ages and something for the whole family to enjoy together.

Schools are welcome, and age-specific education kits support learning before, during and after the Festival.

Children's University

This year, Junction is proud to be an official Public Learning Destination as part of the Children’s University Tasmania, a new initiative of the University of Tasmania Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment. It seeks to raise children’s aspirations and inspire a love of learning in those aged 7-14yrs to provide fun, engaging and experiential learning experiences.

Existing participants in the program will receive validation stamps at all Junction activities you journey to outside of class time. See Junction events with a Children’s University logo to find your journey.

You'll find information about the Children’s University Tasmania here.

Children and family friendly events at The Junc Yard

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DJ Grinning Cat
Think Big Board Games
Children's Book Exchange
Art 'n' About
Adventures in Sightlessness
Multilingual Rock & Rhyme
Shadow Photo Booth